21 Breaths

Neon, Dibond, PVC, transformers
180 x 130 x 16 cm

Given the understanding that thinking and experiencing the world around us is an animated reflection of the world within, this work draws upon the idea that our bodies are, quite literally, an extraordinary universe of particle waves. We are biophotonic generators whose intentions are capable of modulating fundamental processes within cell-to-cell communication. We are bodily incarnations of light and creators of our own universe. We therefore possess the unlimited creativity and potential to transport us to imaginative new worlds.

In this new lightwork, neon bands ascending from red through violet represent the seven chakras of the subtle body and their corresponding frequency in the visible spectrum. Two forms of gas (neon and argon) are used to multiply the intensity of light emitted, amplifying the connection between the electrical and magnetic energy we generate, the direct human experience of our existential condition & the reality we imagine and create for ourselves.

Excerpt from Artist Statement,
Exhibition catalogue, 2015 Paramor Art Prize : Art + Innovation
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

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Path To The Future, Vivid Sydney 2015

21 Breaths, Installation view details

21 Breaths and Flume at Vivid Sydney launch Opera House

Musician Flume poised for the press shoot in front of 21 Breaths at the 2015 Vivid Sydney Official Media Launch, March ’15.
Photo: Courtesy Dallas Kilponen/Fairfax Media

21 Breaths installation views Sydney Opera House

Installation views: 21 Breaths at the Vivid Sydney Official Media Launch, March 2015;  
Paramor Prize: Art + Innovation, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, January 2015
Path To The Future : Sydney Vivid, Seymour Centre, University of Sydney, June 2015

Joanne Handley 21 Breaths neon light installation detail
Love Has No End